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Welcome to Auckland Radiators Ltd.

Auckland Radiators Ltd is your one stop radiator repair specialist offering radiator repair services for Auckland, and all of New Zealand. We do specific customer design work, Radiator Leak Patching, Radiator Servicing, Complete Stripping and rebuild of radiators and Radiator Pressure Testing.

Who are Auckland Radiators Ltd Services ?

Auckland Radiators Ltd Services is a professional automotive radiator repair specialist located in Onehunga in Auckland. Our expertise and techniques have been carefully designed to cater for every customer and their specific requirements of radiator repair. We understand that each customer has their very own particular needs, and we like to support customers however we can.

We offer a quality workmanship and great customer service for radiator repair services on all makes and manufacturers of radiators. We also offer a custom-built specialist repair service for radiators other people are not able to repair. We are a radiator repair specialists.

Auckland Radiators Ltd Customer Repair Service

Over the years we have built a great reputation for our knowledge of custom-built radiators and satisfied many specialist customers. These custom-built radiator systems require advanced care and attention during any restorations or repair processes so we are happy to consult with you on any radiator repair enquiries you may have. Radiators are an important part of any automotive engine cooling system and all our quality of work reflects our great understanding of the importance of a efficient radiator cooling system for your vehicle. Remember you should treat your car as you expect to be treated yourself !!

Auckland Radiators Ltd Services include:

·  Radiator Leak Repair

·  Patching Radiator

·  General Servicing

·  Stripping and Rebuild of Radiators

·  Radiator Pressure Testing

·  Custom Radiator Repair

We have all the specialist equipment required to carry out all radiator repairs and pressure testing equipment for pressure testing your radiator after the repair or restoration is complete.